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What Sets Us Apart

Helping Little Smiles Blossom!

You want only the best for your child: a happy and full life, success in all they set out to do, a healthy body and mind, and a smile that reflects their wonderful personality – Dr. Sophie Austin and her team want the same!

We offer child-focused and family-oriented dental care in a fun and non-threatening atmosphere. Here, every child is celebrated as the marvelous individual they are.

When you’re part of the Pediatric Dental Garden Center, you’re part of a caring, nurturing family: we look forward to welcoming you and your little ones!

Why Choose Us as Your Child’s Dentist?

  • We Expect Kids to Be Kids: Every child is unique and at their own stage of physical, mental, and emotional development. Dr. Austin and our team understand this and adapt to each child as they are now. We are kind, patient, and supportive, presenting information in a way that the little one can understand, never pressuring or forcing them into a specific behavior. We do a lot of hand-holding and provide constant encouragement, so your child feels safe and learns to trust us.
  • We Partner with Parents and Guardians: Every family is unique, too. You have specific concerns, desires, and needs, and we want to learn what you want for your child. We do not judge or lecture; instead, we listen, talk, and provide practical information and guidance. By working together, we can help your child develop healthy habits and ensure they learn that taking care of their oral health is nothing to worry about.
  • We Treat Every Child as Our Own: Each of our patients is important to us. We respect who they are and strive to make them feel safe, heard, and cared for. Your child deserves to be cherished for the wonderful person they are, and we will always do so.
  • We Offer a Fun, Child-Friendly Environment: We have designed Pediatric Dental Garden Center to be a welcoming and inviting space, where children feel at home. We have an outdoor, nature-theme, and child-sized treatment chairs and tools. Our team members are friendly and funny and excel at putting even the most anxious little one at ease, praising their bravery and telling them how well they’re doing. We’re always happy to offer a soft and cuddly blanket during a treatment, too. Our greatest joy, and most honored reward, is when a patient gives us a spontaneous hug at the end of visit and tells us they can’t wait to come back!



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